Tips on how to interview a plastic surgeon

Tips on how to interview a plastic surgeon post thumbnail image

The first important step in choosing the best plastic surgeon is researching reading reviews and seeking recommendations. After coming up with a list of potential plastic surgeons, it will be time to now have a one-on-one chat or interview with them. Have a list of all possible questions that you want to ask your surgeon. According to Dr Leonard Hochstein, this is a very important session for both the plastic surgeon and the patient. It is through this interview or consultation that the patient will speak about their expectations. The surgeon will also give the patient options according to his/her assessment. The consultation or interview session is also the perfect moment for the surgeon to know about a patient’s medical history. To get the most out of the interview, Dr. Hochstein is advising patients to ask the following questions
How often have you performed a similar kind of surgery?
This is a very important question considering that experience is what distinguishes plastic surgeons. When a plastic surgeon is used to performing a certain kind of surgery, they get better at it and are fully aware of how to handle complications. Experienced surgeons can also give you better suggestions regarding your procedure. Therefore, it will be very important to consider settling for a more specialized plastic surgeon.
What are the risks involved?
Plastic surgery is a complicated procedure and patients may get complications due to one reason or another. Before you take a step to have surgery done, you better find out about all possible risks. When patients are fully aware of the potential harm, they can make better and more informed decisions. Patients can also change their minds especially when the risks are too high. Therefore, patients need to ask about the risks associated with plastic surgery.

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