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Businesses need to be prepared to go to court in the event of a dispute because the world is constantly changing and commerce is becoming more complicated. As a consequence of this, the law has developed to accommodate new technologies, and plaintiffs have found novel grounds for legal action, such as patent infringement and violations of online contracts.

Additionally, the practise of Commercial Litigation has become increasingly significant, and high technology companies are increasingly taking part in high-stakes, high-dollar legal battles. Because of the prevalence of intellectual property disputes, this sector of the law is notoriously difficult to navigate.

The litigation expertise of the law firm is highly regarded, and the clientele of the law firm includes a veritable “Who’s Who” of corporations, ranging from UBS to Pfizer. In other words, the clientele of the law firm reads like a “Who’s Who.” The Jeremy Schulman have a wealth of experience working in a variety of fields related to business, including politics and the government.

In addition to their extensive experience in the field of litigation, they also possess the capability to competently manage even the most difficult cases all over the country. Because of their extensive experience and in-depth knowledge in the legal industry, their attorneys are able to bring a fresh and innovative outlook to the practise of law as well as the businesses of their clients.
Although there are some key differences, the general procedure for commercial and civil litigation is extremely comparable. The plaintiff hires an attorney, and both attorneys work on the case by conducting research, drafting letters, arranging settlement negotiations, filing lawsuits, participating in pre-trial motions, and trying the case in front of a judge and jury.
Depending on the specifics of the case, it may be possible to pursue legal action in more than one jurisdiction, bring the case before either the federal or the state court, and involve more than one defendant.

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